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outside of government. the government was not created there to allow us to have liberty. if we are going to have government, and which should be limited, should be precisely to protect those liberties that are rightfully our own. [applause] the misunderstanding of ownership of course it means it's your body and people shouldn't tell you what to do with your body. it tells you what he cando with your liberty. you should use your liberty for my viewpoint and my advice use it in a productive manner. i see liberty as therelease of creative energy coming into the purpose is to work for excellence and virtue. believing that once you deliver that responsibility, the government, all they do is undermine liberty coming and it ruins the efforts to be productive and to improve oneself. but if one is convinced that we have this responsibility it means two things, one, you deserve to keep the fruits of your labor which means there shouldn't be an income tax. [cheers and applause] now that part is easily understood. the second half of it is n now that part is easily understood. the second ha
do you think anyone is china is thinking, let us get those diabetics off the road? the eu growth plan that we published, backed by eight countries, which i want to push every meeting, council, summit, that is the alarm call. there is one more thing. our businesses need the space to grow, literally. that is one of the reasons we are reforming our planning system. it is hard to blame local people for opposing development when they get so little of the benefits. we are changing that. if a new plant is built in your area, your counsel will keep the business rate. you keep the council tax. this is a vocalist plan from a local list party. -- localist plan from a localist party. i love our countryside, i would never put it at risk. we have to get the balance right. the portion of land in england but that is currently built up its 9%. there are businesses out there, desperate to expand, to hire thousands of people, they are stuck in our planning system. we are going to have constructive ideas about how to get that right. to those who oppose everything we do, my message is this, take your
in waterloo. they took us to the same church bring up and we sat each week in the same pew. my grandmother taught bible study there. but when we grew up, i know without a shadow of a doubt in our lutheran church that the gospel was preached from the pulpit. i have no doubt it was breached. but i have to confess to you that i did not understand it. we would go to sunday school in the morning and we have our bibles and i would take -- my bible with and it just did not make any sense to me. there was a vital part of the week. life went on. my father got a job in honeywell in minneapolis. about a year after we moved up to minnesota, my parents unfortunately got a divorce. there were the first in my family to have a divorce. it happens to millions of people, but it was the first in our family. it was shocking to people. we immediately almost overnight when to below poverty. my father had left my mother had been a full-time homemaker. it was myself and my three brothers. i want you to know god has a tremendous sense of humor. there is no place that is better preparation for politics than for a g
and thank you r this meeting. it was ronald reagan who reminded us just how fragile this thing called freedom is. he said freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we cannot pass it on in the bloodstream. it must be fought for. or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our grandchildren what the united states of america used to be like. i am not going to have that conversation with my grandkids. i do not think you are going to have that conversation with your grandkids, to talk about what the united states of america used to be like. and this is a battle, a fight for freedom. it is a fight for freedom. this nation has protected that precious thing called freedom since its inception for 235 yfears -- years because of america's strength, the strength of the declaration of independence as perceived by the founding by others, the strength of the constitution of the united states america. it simply needs to be enforced, not written. that is what the american people e looking for, strength in terms of our free-market system. america's s
of you for being with us in this presidential cycle. since the republican national committee chairman and the national media are here, let me share my top-10 list as to why iowa should continue to be the first in the nation for the next presidential cycle. number 10, iowa is the best place to kiss. >> whoo! >> iowa is the best place to pigs, because we have more pigs than people. [laughter] number 9, we also have plenty of babies to kiss because we are all excited about the iowa right to life slogan, populate iowa. [applause] number 8, iowa is a diversified state. not in color, but in colofrgul opinions. no. 7, in iowa, there are more political operatives, more political science professors, more political reporters, more political columnists per-capita than any other state. [applause] number 6, iowans take their political responsibilities seriously by attending any and asking unwanted questions. no. 5, iowans can tell the difference between a real person and a robot. [laughter] [applause] between consistent and flux sweating positions, between talk and walk. number four, by voting for
that this is a group that makes all of us really embarrassed about our old science projects. [laughter] you know, the volcano with the stuff coming out -- [laughter] with the baking soda inside -- apparently, that was not a cutting-edge achievement -- even though our parents told us it was really terrific. but thanks to the men and women on the stage, we are one step closer to curing diseases like cancer and parkinson's. because of their work, soldiers can see the enemy at night and grandparents can see the pictures of their grandchildren instantly and constantly. planes are safer, satellites are cheaper, and our energy grid is more efficient, thanks to the breakthroughs that they have made. and even though these folks have not sought out the kind of celebrity that lands you on the cover of people magazine, the truth is that today's honorees have made a bigger difference in our lives than most of us will ever realize. when we fill up our cars, talk on our cell phones, or take a lifesaving drug, we don't always think about the ideas and the effort that made it all possible. we don't always ask ou
. they embraced its values. outsiders who built a life for us. so this is who i am, the heritage of the outsider, the advantage point of the insider, the guy who is determined to [applause] . >> we must never excuse people the welfare system. the reason i talk about this is not believe in the welfare state, but because i do. we can never protect it if believe it is not fair. it is too easy not to work and there are people taking something for nothing. if at the same time, people who find a safety net full of holes -- no wonder people are angry. , it is our job, it our mission to say no more. it has all got to change. we need a new bargain. based on burton's of values. our society way our country is running. let us confront head on the big face of building a bargain in our economy. one built on values of hard work, something for something, in it for the long term. we need a new era of wealth creation in this country. not happen with the old set of rules. we cannot spend our way to a new economy either. we are competing, not just with france, but with china, india, and brazil. do not believe those
. i was trying to think about how to introduce her and i would use her whole testimony to introduce her. that is what she is going to do, give her testimony. she is a mother of five and a foster mother of 23. you may think that is all you need to know, but there are sold many other things. give a warm welcome to michelleial candidate bachmann. [applause] >> good morning news. god bless everyone who is here this morning. it is wonderful to see a church fall. this is the day the lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. my name is michelle bachmann and i come here today as one who has been saved by the grace of jesus christ. that is why i'm here, to testify of who he is and of his love for me and what he has done for me as well. i loved the drive we took to get here today. we woke up in des moines, iowa and we got in the car and came out here. i was born in waterloo, iowa. i grew up in waterloo and in cedar falls. our family goes back actually seven generations in iowa. we go back to the 1850's. our family were early norwegian pioneers. have you ever heard of iwegians? when
memoir. tonight. >> if he think that a bill of rights is what sets us apart, you are crazy. every banana republic in the world has a bill of rights. the bill of rights of the former evil empire, it was much better than ours. it was much better. we guarantee freedom of speech and of the press, a big deal. that is wonderful stuff. just words on paper. >> tuesday, they testified before the senate judiciary committee on a wide-ranging series of questions, including the role of judges under the constitution. watch the rest of the discussion, at the c-span a video library. >> remarks from gov. rick perry and herman cain. later, speeches from speaker of the house john boehner and house majority leader eric cantor. this portion is a one hour and 20 minutes. >> i am proud to be joined by my best friend, someone who has done to -- done more to enrich my life than any other person, an individual who will be a fabulous first lady for the united states of america. [applause] it is good to be with all of you. i want to thank tony perkins for the invitation to speak at the event today. and for his work
budget cuts at the u.s. army national meeting. like coverage of his remarks at o'clock a.m. eastern on c-span to. ♪ >> it is a fact-based story on a topic of your choosing. every story has a good beginning, a strong middle, and a solid and. >> what should we do this year for the competition? ♪ you do not need the best video equipment to have a winning product. cell phones do a great cup of capturing an idiot. if you do not have access cannot do not let that stop the. if you need more help, go to studentcam.org. >> i find it useful to read the rules very carefully. make a checklist of what you need to do. the process becomes clear what you get started. >> another great thing is you can work alone or on 18. if you are a good writer but not handy with a camera, get a friend to help out. not only will you both learn something, but you will increase your chance of winning. >> you do not need to be an expert at the video production or interviewing. you can use your parents, other students, teachers, and c-span as resources. this process is fun and extremely rewarding. with a little bit of
in production. than 3000 of your fellow countries to other companies use to develop today. this production is because of of your facilities. the face of manufacturing is changing rapidly. natural-gas exploration is a ones that have been lost. this will create jobs in the energy costs. for producing great quarterbacks and i want you to quarterback and new energy revolution to create jobs all across america. not only will we create jobs by expanding energy exploration, we will also use the revenues that deficit. ecological treasures, everglades and yellowstone national park, we're those locations. but as we roll back federal control, we will look for better cooperation with the state, and if the states are against energy exploration, we will respect drill, but exception and not the rule. is equally important to take a second step. the activist regulations already on the books that the obama administration has put in place. president obama has been public about his newest jobs proposal, behind-the-scenes, the permanent bureaucracy is working to grind pursuit of activists regulation. there are
schmitt and thom shanker on their new book about the u.s. campaign against al qaeda. later, albert teich of the american association for the advancement of science on funding for research and development. that is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> every weekend, let the c-span networks be your source for public affairs and history appeared on c-span, it is politics and public affairs of this. c-span2 has book tv with the latest nonfiction books and authors. and with american history tv on c-span3, shaping events of our country. they are all available all the time that the c-span video library. >> recently the des moines register published a poll with john huntsman garnering just 1% of the poll. herman cain was with that which it was in the lead with 23%, narrowly beating mitt romney with 22%. next, remarks from john husband from a town hall meeting on sunday. this is from new hampshire, the first campaign stop of his four- day trip through the state. this is about an hour. >> how is everybody here? i am john. good to see you. good to see you. it is a pleasure. thank you. pleasu
to consist of pushing for stronger economic programs. getting us back on our feet. we had a great economy. we created jobs. he had to be very sensitive to that environment. it is either creative or it is thought. it is either competitive or it is not. we put forward an economic program. i like to take a look at it. we have copies you can take with you. the wall street journal has endorsed it as the best in the bunch. a tax form proposals calling for a clean sweep of the loopholes and deductions. there simplifying the individual signs. on the corporate side, i say we need to and corporate welfare. we need to phase out subsidies. we cannot afford them anymore. to be on that, we can do a lot in terms of cleaning up the influence. there's nothing to lobby for in terms of corporate loopholes and welfare. what is there to do? it should take an important step in cleaning up capitol hill. that is our tax program. it is real. it is doable. it looks at the existing code. it sweeps it clean. it would leave the country with a level playing field, small and medium. it would be a major contribution to our
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)